Dear Madam/Sir,

Permit us to give you some information about our activity.

Our firm has begun its activity in 1952 in Budapest. Since that time we are one of the firms offering the most wide supply and services broadening continuously.
In 1999 the plant was resettled to Sárszentmihály, in the neighbourhood of Székesfehérvár, where our activities are the followings:

Sand-blast: (corundum, bead, maize, granular steel, plastic beads).

Grinding metals

Zinc: Workpieces of maximally 6 m length can be treated. Regarding its colour it can be white (blue) or yellow (irisated).

Tin coating: Its heat and electrical conductivity is good, therefore it is suitable for coating also electrical adapters, it may be soldered simply.

Yellow and red brass (antique): Applicable in interior design, handicrafts, restoration, re-equipment of antiques and superficial treatment of furnishings.

Nickel: It is applicable for coating furnishings, instruments, as intermediate layer before chromium-plating.

Chromium: It is applicable in architecture, interior design, cars, for medical instruments and on the field of furnishing, further in every case when there is a need for aesthetic surfaces of a high standard.

Gold: It belongs to the category of special coatings. Instruments, entertainment electronics, space travel, adapters, furnishings.

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