Company's profile: Coats Hungary Ltd. produces and distributes 100% polyester sewing yarns, principally for the clothing-, leather- and shoes industry. In the company's factory in Nagyatád yarns for non-industrial consumers are produced, such as embroidery-, handknitting-, sewing- and crochet yarns of cotton, which are sold through the company's wide sales network. Besides these, the company distributes other Hungarian and imported yarns and accessories.

Products: 100% polyester yarns for industrial use (Astra, Epic, Gral, Gramax); special yarns (Barbour); OPTI zip fasteners; FIOCCHI snaps, steel-buttons, interlining, stick fasteners. Non-industrial sewing yarns (Trident, Lánchíd); tapestries (Collection D'Art, Rico, Megas, Royal Paris); embroidery yarns: Puppets Mouliné and Perlé, Anchor; crochet yarns (Anchor, Eldorado, Puppets/Piroska); knitting yarns (Catania); embroidery linen, table-clothes, embroidery accessories and other haberdashery articles, supplementaries (Milwar, Galant). Red Heart: Lisa Color, Margareta, Teddy, Mozart Color, Baby, Baby Color, Carla, Bella, Bolero, Las Vegas Color, Carmen.

COATS MAGYARORSZÁG KFT    |   1044 Budapest, (külső) Váci út 91.
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