Kódex Bookstore can be found in District V of Budapest, in the vicinity of the building of the Parliament, at the corner of Honvéd and Báthory streets; it occupies three floors with a total floor space of 1,200 m2 in a building taken on lease from the local government. It is one of those book shops that are able to offer the widest selection of related products in Hungary: nearly the entire range of Hungarian-language books and school books used in public education, as well as a broad scope of higher-education textbooks, foreign-language (imported) books, as well as audio-video products. When published, all the Hungarian-language books enter the stock of the books store, which also sells all the documents being currently available in the school-book market.

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KÓDEX Könyváruház és Tankönyvcentrum    |   1054 Budapest, Honvéd u. 5.
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